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Thread: Egg Lovers Beware!

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    Egg Lovers Beware!

    I know this has already been said in here before most likely, but since going primal, eggs have been a big staple in my diet. I have been eating consistently 3-4 eggs every morning for breakfast and after about 6 weeks I have developed an intolerance that leaves me with intense pain and discomfort like a small knife slowly traveling through my digestive system accompanied with nausea. No hives or anything other than those three things mentioned. It took me a few days to pinpoint it, but its definitely the eggs and I only get it when eating them. Sad..sad day as I depended on them as a very cheap nutritious source of protein and now I have to give them up...So for those that love eating eggs every day, do so with caution so you don't end up in my seat.

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