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    I've had an egg intolerance since childhood. I remember my mother making egg omlettes and forcing them down my throat. One time, after once again forcing eggs down my throat, the whole meal came flying back up across the breakfast table....hehe
    Since then, she never forced food down my throat ever again. But my egg consumption continued.
    I never knew why I had swollen intestines until age 37 when I had an allergy test done. I was highly allergic to egg whites.

    Of course, my digestive issues were also caused by grains etc...but eggs seemed to be the only thing that enlarged my belly into a beachball everytime I ate them. I never knew I had a food allergy, allergies was for the weak and I was no pussy =P

    I had an anaphylactic shock once, could've died from it if not rushed into the emergency room. Anyways, since nobody knew what it was caused from, I continued to eat eggs...

    Now, I only eat the yolks, and even then maybe only once a month.

    Food allergies are no joke.

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    I'm allergic to egg whites too.... unfortunately, it's fairly common.

    I do eat pastured egg yolks on occasion, though (from hard-boiled eggs). No bad reactions from those & the yolks contain all of the flavor + vitamins anyway.

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    I actually aged out of my egg sensitivity. When was a kid, eggs would give me the most horrible indigestion...sour stomachs are doubly gross when you belch up rotten eggs. Now that I'm an adult, eggs don't give me a problem...thank God!

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    Can't do eggs anymore either, as an allergy test proved me to be highly allergic. Whites are worse, but egg yolks are not that far off.

    I LOVE eggs; I definitely miss 'em.
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    Glad I'm not alone, but its definitely still frustrating not only from a mental standpoint, but a financial one as well. Hopefully I don't become allergic to meat or something somehow from subbing in beef or chicken for breakfast meals..hah! I went off eggs for two weeks and had one...ONE bite of my girlfriend's omelette at an amazing breakfast place in town and it gave me the regrettable feeling of knives and false sense of bloatedness again. Praying God will wipe away this intolerance one day.

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    intense pain and discomfort like a small knife slowly traveling through my digestive system
    You're generally supposed to remove the shell.

    badump-tshhh. Sorry to hear that, though.

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    Eating eggs everyday can cause issues like that, its really that simple. Just take a break from em and then don't eat them everyday when you reintroduce em.

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    Aw man, I LOVE eggs! I have a two egg omelet almost everyday for breakfast Guess it's time to cut back. Sad face!

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    I've been eating eggs daily for over six months now with little to no problems. I'm not sure if I'll never develop problems, but I would think that if almost six months of near daily egg consumption hasn't done that to me yet, I must be doing ok. At least, I sure hope so!

    It would suck not to be able to eat my eggs. :P

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