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Thread: Primal Journal - Kryz

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    cyclist: Thanks! I'll see if Trader Joe's sells any stevia packets, otherwise I'll stick with the raw sugar. There's also honey, but I'm not sure how that'd taste in coffee.

    I'll give stretching a shot today, and I'll try to figure out a way to bend my back less at work (dishwasher + busser + some cleaning duties).

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    For me, coffee seems to stave off hunger (sometimes to a detriment), so I have to watch out for that and just try to eat more protein and fat to ward off natural hunger pangs.

    I have been using Stevia, although my taste preference is Xylitol (coffee with Xylitol is so refreshing! Instead of sticky teeth, you feel like you just rinsed with mouthwash! It's weird).

    I just ordered some Erythritol from since it's like Xylitol but without the calories and messing up the gut (my hubby and two boys get the major runs by ingesting even a small amount of the stuff).

    For the soreness, I used a tennis ball on a wall to work out some knots (was that EVER a life saver). You can also do some soaking in Epsom salt baths or even a Castor Oil pack will work (heat up caster oil on a flannel cloth and top with a hot water bottle.

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