I am throwing myself at your collective wisdom and experience - please tell me what you all use instead of margarine as a topper! Just in case all of you were about to say BUTTER, it isn't that easy around here... two of my four children are allergic to dairy.

We do use pan drippings on veggies and stuff when there is some of that to be had, but it is popular in this house and there are never any leftovers to save in a bowl for later. Sometimes evoo-based vinaigrette goes onto warm veggies, but we are getting tired of that being our only option. My kids snack on plain frozen vegetables (especially green peas) a lot and really miss throwing a big pat of margarine on them (Earth Balance - it is dairy-free). I tried ghee, but the dairy-allergic ones have absolutely no taste for dairy and think ghee is awful. Plain coconut oil is a close second.

I just can't think of a single thing other than what I stated, so I really would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! (and my kids will thank you, too)