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Thread: looking to try kombucha. are gt's and synergy good?

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    looking to try kombucha. are gt's and synergy good?

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    Not looking to make my own just yet as I've never had it before. I want to see how I like it first. My health store just starting stocking gt's organic raw multi green and synergy in a few flavors. Are these OK to test the waters? Do the flavored ones included ingrediants it probably shouldn't?

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    I've tried a few flavours of the synergy brand and liked them. I haven't tried GT or made my own.

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    I looooooooove me some Synergy.

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    It seems to me that that brand has more sugar than they actually report because even the original flavor (my fav) is very sweet. Maybe they don't actually let it ferment as long as they should? We sell it at the store I work at, but we also sell another brand that is noticeably less sweet and that is what I've been drinking lately. I think the brand is called Highland
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    Compared to a good living brew, those taste gross. But they're still better than soda!

    Making it at home is as easy as boiling water. And maybe 1/10th of the cost.
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    Synergy is alright, but making your own is easy. I've got a 10litre tub constantly brewing.

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    I love the taste of the GT's, but I agree that they taste sweeter than I would think based on the sugar content on the labels.

    I made my own for a while, but gave it up. It was good, but I like GT's better....they do the extra fermenting in the bottle which gives it more fizz than mine ever had.
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    I've tried about 3 or 4 different kombucha brands, and in my opinion Synergy is by far the best of all of them. So if you're looking for a commercial kombucha, I'd definitely recommend that one.

    The other ones all taste extremely watered down to the point that if I was blindfolded, I'd have no idea I was drinking kombucha. Considering that kombucha is more acidic than vinegar (I did a comparison with ph strips), that's pretty pathetic.

    My favorite flavor is Gingerade - I'm pretty sure that ginger is the only additional ingredient.

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    I have tried numerous brands. GT's is by far the best. If you can get the original formula, not the enlightened, even better. Their Synergy drink is kombucha combined with fruit juice so it's sweeter. Their regular ginger kombucha is not sweet, although others are. It's my favorite.
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    I like GT's more than Synergy. I think Synergy is usually too sweet. Gingerade is my favorite. I usually use kombucha as more of a shooter though, taking a little bit with a meal, rather than drinking them as a beverage. Helps offset the high cost a bit.

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