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Thread: looking to try kombucha. are gt's and synergy good? page 2

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    So I bought 2 different brands of raw kombucha , fizzing in a bottle. Not bad, even the one with blueberry juice, which normally I dislike. WE drank 2/3rds of each bottle in short order. (Bye bye $$$$). Meanwhile, we boiled up a gallon of water with 1 cup of sugar and 5 teabags (prefer oolong to black tea), removed teabags, let cool overnight, and dumped in the remaining cha. I am pleased to report that it, indeed, was a live culture. Now, after several days of sitting covered on my counter, I can see the mushroom forming which will be the basis of my next cha cultures. I lost my original mushroom in a cross country move 12 years ago, and will now see if cha is needed in our diet again. I expect this mushroom to ferment longer in order to solidify, but once I have the familiar pancake, I'll be a fermenting fool.;-)

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    I have tried gt and synergy. I liked gt better. Not sure where u live, but I just found last week we have a company that sells it on tap and the farmers markets around town. It is very good, and have to get there early or they run out. I get a crawler bottle which is just under a gallon for 9.00. I get blue berry and ginger each weekend. Good stuff.

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    I love the GT Green Goodness (I think that's the name?) much vitamin B... if it wasn't so expensive I'd drink it every day!

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    For those brewing their own, does it matter what kind of tea you use?
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    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    For those brewing their own, does it matter what kind of tea you use?
    As long as it is real tea you should be fine. Usually it's a good idea to stick with the type of tea your SCOBY was given to you in. At least for the first few batches. Then you can change it up.

    I found my SCOBY's never did well in green or white tea, but it's about 3 inches thick in black tea now.

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