To Amsterdam! Aahh! Doing a logic masters. I'm loving riding around on a bike, but I don't love getting my pants soaked when the rain comes out of nowhere. I think I've heard people here mention Albert Heijn and how awful it is. I get it now. It seems the Dutch love packaged food.

And bread. I ate very little the first few days at my introduction program. There's not even a substantial middle to eat out a sandwich. Slice of ham, slice of cheese (not both!). And juice.

I'm still waiting for my bank account to open and I'm losing so many euros on such good beer. I can't find really dark chocolate--maybe at an actual chocolate shop. And yesterday I ate the worst burger patty of my life--tasted like a fast food patty, like it had 'meat flavoring,' and super well-done. I haven't seen anything superior to the way most American eat, but I guess that's new.

Anyway, I'm doing well for myself so far...

Just wanted to share! : D