I am new to the forum but have been following the paleo/primal/wheatbelly way of eating for about 4 1/2 months. To date I have lost 22 pounds and 13 overall inches. I start this from a different place than many I have seen here and hope that by journaling my own experience I can help others who are coming at this from a similar starting place.

In short from the age of approximately 5 or 6 I have not been active or what is considered a normal weight. (I am 46 now). A lifetime of being overweight combined with poor genetics destroyed my health and my self esteem. In the last few years I have very slowly and painfully started rebuilding my self. I have type II diabetes, high blood pressure and fibromyalgia. After a hysterectomy when I was 40 my health took a nose dive. I was sick all the time and miserable. So my start into this lifestyle was fueled by desperation and a desire to become the person I knew I was meant to be. Healthy, active, able to take care of myself and others and leap small buildings in a single bound

I know I am not the only person in the world whose story begins this way....I hope that as I continue to share my story it will provide some hope to others. I also hope (ask? beg!!?) for support, help, suggestions along the way.

Thanks for letting me tell my story and be a part of the larger primal journey.