Hey guys,
I'm still very green to the Primal lifestyle and I find that since I'm eating fat/protein (not crazy amounts, mind you, but a moderate serving of meat in a stew with veggies) I get full and stay full.
So I'm usually only eating about two meals a day, that are large. But I used to eat much more. I'm just simply not hungry. I've only been Paleo totally for the past week or so so I don't think I'm burning enough fat to be sustaining myself.
I'm up 4lbs on the scale from last week, weighed at the same time and place, naked. Could I be shocking my metabolism? Other factors: I haven't been drinking as much water, I am PMSing, my potassium supps ran out...

Today's the first day that I'm going to track my nutrition. I'll average when the week is up and post my stats so you guys can help.
Right now, I'm a 16yo girl, somewhat active, at 5'5" and 165lbs. I'm hoping to lose 25lbs from where I stand at least.