Last weekend I stumbled upon MDA and have read every word I can find with my limited free time. The last time I "accidentally" found a site, it changed my life in an unexpected and positive way so I'm hopeful this will be the case again.

Brief history:

At 15, I became extremely sick with ulcerataive colitis. The doc gave me two weeks to respond to meds or he would yank out my colon. Thankfully my body responded. Fast forward to today. I'm 49 years old and still battling the disease. The past year has been my worst health wise. (MAJOR stress) Two colonoscopies revealed lots of polyps and masses. Thankfully no cells had turned cancerous. The third colonoscopy couldn't be performed because my colon was too inflamed.

My doc tried talking me into removing my colon but I am stuborn and refuse to give up any body parts. My logic is that I can't heal my colon if I don't have it any more. I've always been a believer in natural healing. I just pray my body gives me enough time to figure how to heal it. My doc was also furious with me because I refused to take several highly toxic meds he insisted would help me. I took one drug for nearly 30 years then my body became too toxic from the drug. The newer drugs were even more toxic. One threatened to damage other organs in order to help my colon and required hours at the hospital every month. Besides, I'm interested in healing my body, not swallowing another band-aid pill that masks the symptoms so I could go on living like I was.

My first huge step towards healing started a few years ago with healing my emotions. The rage that was stuffed inside me was shocking. I finally healed the rage a few months ago. I still have a lot of stress from family drama but I'm learning to set boundaries and cut off my gut reaction pretty fast when mud is slung my way.

Now for the diet part...Every doctor I ever saw told me that diet had NOTHING to do with my health. I knew they were wrong but didn't know the answer.

I still don't!

In the past year I tried the Specific Carb Diet and lost an unhealthy amount of weight. I was thin to begin with so I turned into a skeleton with flesh. My dad became physically sick when he saw me and was scared I was dying. My son freaked out too. I gave that diet up after a few weeks because I couldn't maintain the restrictions and weightloss.

I gave up gluten and dairy. Bought several gluten-free cookbooks and started eating breads and desserts with rice flour, sorghum flour and other gluten-free flours.

My next inspiration was Forks Over Knives so I became about 98% vegan. I filled my diet with fruit, veggies and lots of gluten-free carbs....beans, rice, quinoa, buckwheat. This didn't make the positive changes that I expected. I keep hearing the clock tick tock in the back of my head.

I recently gave up alcohol (it used to be my prozac)

A few months ago, I finally filled my huge dream of moving to Hawaii. Now that I'm living my dream I just need to get my body totally healthy so I can live here for the rest of my long life.

On Sunday I made the decision to go Primal this past Monday. Since then I have eaten a few bites of gluten-free bread simply because I was about to go nuts from withdrawl. I know this will pass quickly as I wean myself off the sugar infused energy and become more accustomed to animal based fuel.

I seriously had no idea that all the carbs I was eating was causing more inflamation in my body.

Since I'm new to the island, I still need to figure out where to buy grass-fed meat. We have 5 mouths to feed so buying totally grass-fed could be challenging for now. I talked to my husband about all this and he is hopeful this will help me too. He wasn't crazy about the whole vegan experiment so he's thrilled about me eating and cooking meat again.

I'm keeping a journal of what I eat and how I feel physically each day. Since we live in the city, I walk everywhere. The beach is a short walk away and I find the energy of the island, sand and water healing. The daily sun is amazing and doing wonders for my spirit and vitamin D intake.

Thanks to everyone on the forum who came before me. I have read a lot of posts and will continue to read and offer support where I can.

Goal: heal colon, gain a few pounds of muscle, become physically stronger, have endless energy. I'm helping raise my beautiful granddaughter. She needs her grandma!