Hi all,

new here, quick intro:
38, male, 5'11" 75kgs, lean and active (surfing, martial arts) all my life but certainly no athlete, been primal for about 8 months (tho' organic and grass-fed is pretty hard to find where i live)

My question:
I've had a repeating problem with not sleeping well the night following a hard weights workout - either I sleep fitfully, or I wake around 2ish or I wake up at 5ish and can't get back to sleep.

I'm finished working out by 18:30 at the very latest (often more like 17:00) and go to bed around 21:30 so I don't think it's a problem of working out too soon before bed. Weights routine was stronglifts 5x5, tho recently I've just been doing 1 set of all the stronglifts lifts in a single workout once or twice a week.

The pattern seems to be that if I can stuff enough food into myself at dinnertime I'll sleep properly, but that's hard to do - it feels like no matter how much i eat I can still eat more, it gets a bit ridiculous, and sometimes I'll think "that must be enough by now" but then it isn't and I don't sleep properly. At no point do I really feel 'hungry' as such, all i get is that i can't sleep, but having another plate of dinner seems to help (this has had me eating full meals at 3 in the morning, very inconvenient)

I've tried IF (skipping breakfast - from leangains) to get my body more used to burning bodyfat - it's worked really well for me (for the first time in my life I can go hours without eating, including working out in a fasted state!) but doesn't seem to have solved the sleep problem.

A friend suggested I might not be getting enough calories in, so I added fat (mostly olive oil, sometimes coconut oil, also fried eggs) - this helped a bit but I still really needed to stuff myself. Adding more protein had the same effect.

So after trying fat and protein it occurred to me it might be carbs - maybe having burned all my muscle glycogen I wasn't getting enough in from my low-carb (lots of veg but nothing starchy) meal (does that sound feasible?) so yesterday I tried an experiment and added rice to my meal, and ate until i was comfortably full. And...

...I slept really well! But....

...my occasional gout in my right big toe has flared up this morning (I've just taken some baking soda in water, we'll see if that does anything). Since this is the first time for this particular conflagration of N=1 variables it could be coincidence, but could this be because of the rice? And if so should I try some other carb source?

It feels a bit like I've solved one problem but created another, so if anyone can suggest anything (or point out any flaws in my reasoning - I'm a primal novice) I'd be really grateful.

(and sorry this post is a bit long, I wanted to include all relevant info)