I'm stepping up my game wrt exercise, and I need some shoes. So far, I have a pair of flip flops and a pair of low-cut, wide-soled hiking shoes. I'm guessing neither of these are appropriate for wearing at the gym, or jogging (if we find a dog; jogging would be for the dog, not me).

I checked out some Five Fingers the other day while shoe window shopping, and i was surprised at how thick and inflexible the soles are. as a person who spends 50-100% of her day truly barefoot, I can't imagine those thick soles would allow for normal foot movement/muscle use. Asking people who have them, or have tried them, are they that much better than a well-made, wide-soled trainer? Will my hiking shoes do for the gym, or do i need to buy something else? I'm not really into being trendy (and they are becoming sort of trendy here), but i'm happy to use what works if it truly works.