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Thread: Share your home gym!

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    Jul 2012

    Share your home gym!

    I can't be the only person here without a gym membership! I have a small "home gym" that I've added equipment to over the years. How about the rest of you non-crossfitters without gym memberships? What are do you have in your home gym? What's your favorite piece of equipment or feature about it?

    • Liebert Equalizer
    • doorframe pull-up bar
    • interlocking foam tiles (to protect my hardwood floor… and my bones!)
    • 8lb dumbbells (yes, I'm a weakling)
    • one resistance band
    • 10 lb kettlebell
    • cheap-o stationary bike
    • yoga mat (which I rarely use, as I only needed it before I got the aforementioned tiles)
    • ankle weights
    • small kinda-sort-wants-to-be-a Bosu ball
    • jump rope
    • Garmin Forerunner (gps watch & heart rate monitor)

    Okay, kids. Share!
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    Jun 2010

    Rogue rack with pull-up bars and bench
    2 regular bars
    1 women's bar
    Dumbell bars (for changing weights)
    A handful of resistance bands
    2 kettlebells
    Jump ropes
    Two sets of rings
    Tractor tire
    Big rock
    Sledge hammer
    Gymnastics mat
    Handgrip thingies
    Ankle weights
    Lever thingies

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    Mar 2012
    Gym equipment: not much really.....

    Pullup bar
    16kg kettlebell
    10kg kettlebell
    Interlock foam mat
    Homemade slosh tube
    My body weight

    And outside:

    Rocks and trees to climb
    Pick shovel
    Wheel barrow
    Sledge hammer
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    Nov 2011
    workout mat
    do my pull work outdoors on the tree limbs.
    have some big logs to throw round
    run sprints in my yard
    16' trampoline
    I'd say jump rope ...somewhere
    Bosu and regular exercise ball
    bands mounted to wall
    wobble boards

    Really thats bout it....

    Got a bunch of that other stuff (sledge, pick, shovel, all manner of tools) cause I maintain a lot of trees, a garden, and generally build or change something in my yard or house every weekend. Thats just part of my stay moving philosophy though.
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    Aug 2010
    New York, NY
    Home Gym:
    Yoga Mats (I think I also have a block & strap which I may have used)
    Exercise Ball
    Pull-up bar
    5 & 10lb weights
    water bag (I'm not the main user of this)
    jump ropes
    Apps/websites for phone and computer (WODs, techniques & more)

    and kind of tongue-in-cheek (yet still legit) things in my "home" gym:
    The playground down the street (monkey bars, rings, LOTS of stairs to run, & more)
    Tennis Courts across the Street
    Central Park (ball fields, running/biking trails, "challenge course" stuff - trees, rocks & more!)
    NYC Rec Center w/pool ($150/yr, but worth it!)

    Wish List:
    an Om Gym - a friend has one, it looked awesome
    stretching bands (they sell them by the foot in different strengths/tensions at JackRabbit)

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    Oct 2011
    Edmonton Canada
    Full squat rack with chin-up bar
    7' Olympic bar
    6' Olympic bar
    Olympic curl bar
    Bulldog clamps
    200 kg Olympic weights
    home sourced micro plates
    Kettle-bells 12kg, 16kg 20kg 24kg
    Home made sandbag 40kg
    plyometric boxes 20" 24"
    TRX suspension trainer
    Climbing finger board
    Jump rope
    Gym quality treadmill
    Heavy matting
    Homemade medicine ball
    Basket ball for lever pushups etc
    Interlocking floor and a hard rubber mat for stability
    Cable lat machine for seated rows etc
    Assorted attachments for lat machine
    jump rope
    rogue parallel bars for body work
    weight belt for weighted dips and chins

    The best part because I got lucky buying and selling equipment as I upgraded the whole thing cost less than $900
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    I’ve got just about everything I need:

    Ab wheel
    About 150 lbs. of standard plates
    About 350 lbs. of Olympic plates
    Bench press with incline & decline
    Cable/lat machine
    Dip station
    Door frame pull-up/chin-up bar
    Heavy duty (and very large) dumbbell rack
    Leg press
    Lots of cable accessories
    Medicine ball, 10 lbs.
    Mini trampoline
    Olympic curl bar
    Olympic weight plate tree
    Pec dec
    Preacher curl bench
    Resistance bands
    Roman chair/hyperextension bench
    Several pairs of dumbbells
    Squat rack / power cage
    Two 7' Olympic barbells and clamps
    Two heavy duty rubber mats
    Two Olympic micro plates (1.25 lbs. each)
    Two Swiss balls (different sizes)

    I bought the majority of my equipment using Craigslist over the past couple of years, and I’ve spent less than $1,000 total for all of it. Having a home gym is truly wonderful.
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    Aug 2012
    Here is what we have:

    Adjustable squat rack w pullup bar
    Olympic barbell
    305 Olympic plates, including 2 25 lb rubberized plates
    Locking collars
    Kettle bells: 2 x 18, 2 x 26, 2 x 36, 2 x 44, 2 x 53, 1 x 62 (all Lifeline), 1 x 70 (Dragon Door), 1 x 80, 1 x 90, 1 x 97 (LIfelines - on loan)

    Various exercise bands from 10 - 40 pounds

    Power Jumper
    Pullup Revolution
    Power Pushup

    Various THX straps and Monkey Bar Gym Jungle Gym (double)

    Power wheel

    Tire (I think it's about 150 - not sure)
    10 lb sledge hammer
    Power sled
    2 x 6's to stack tire on, for jumping purposes

    A variety of yoga mats, equipment, DVD's
    P90x and Insanity DVD's
    Video Monitor
    Jump ropes

    Probably will add treadmill soon (I wonder if the Livestrong ones will be on sale shortly?!)

    Home Gym1.jpgHome Gym2.jpg

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    Mar 2012
    God's country, W.VA
    An elliptical that I really only use in the winter, and a door frame pull up bar that get's used regularly. That's about all I've needed so far.

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    Aug 2009
    I have a levergym with about 500 lbs in olympic plates, chin/dip station, treadmill, spin bike, dumbbells, kettlebell, weight vest, step, heavyhands, swiss balls, jump rope,mats etc medicine ball, versaclimber and a versa pullley. Just in the midst of re-organizing so have sold off some stuff (most of my dumbbells but have kept some)and will be letting my levergym go soon. I still do a fair amount of bodyweight stuff and sledge hammer stuff...

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