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Thread: Back from vacation and eating paleo consistently

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    Back from vacation and eating paleo consistently

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    I had some exposure to grains while on vacation. I really could not avoid it but I did try to eat as paleo as I could. Now I'm having some withdrawal symptoms. Sneezing and runny nose. My allergies went away after switching to paleo and it came back while I was on vacation. Now I'm adjusting again and have been blowing my nose like crazy..It's good to know I'm sensitive to grains.

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    Yep, there are so many of those "sub clinical" manifestations in the body of SAD eating but I think people just get used to them and/or treat the symptoms (like with antihistamines for the nasal congestion). The other thing is that all of these little things that doctors dismiss as "annoyances not diseases" like congestion, skin ailments, headaches, bloating, etc. all impact a persons sleep which impacts *everything* and also impact a person's ability and desire to exercise.

    I know that I wake up now being able to breath out of both nostrils and think wow, this is cool. No, it's normal. The other way wasn't.

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