I have started this journal several times in my head, but have not had the ambition to actually put what was in my head into words for anyone to see. Over two years ago I started on my paleo/primal journey knowing that I needed to change, to get healthy, and to be my best for my family. Let's just say that losing your mother to her long battle with diabetes is not what I want my son to experience.

I started reading, you know, the usual suspects: Taubes, Sisson, Wolf, Cordain. After I finished the books, I hit the blogs and the forums, mainly just lurking, again taking in and analyzing the information presented, trying to find my way to health. Changing my WOE, increasing my daily physical activity (read walking) and listening to my body resulted in a 45 pound weight loss. Wahoo!!

And then May 2012 came along....I let stress get to me, stopped walking, added in some less than healthy food choice and let bloody , wine and hard cider become more than an occasion occurrence. My focus strayed and I managed to put back on 14 pounds that I had fought so hard to lose. So now it is back 2 basics, refocusing on my health, listening to my body, increasing my physical activity beyond just walking, eating the way my mind and body know is right and being there for my family for a long time.

Here's to my new, reinvented adventure, journaling as I go.