My other half (37 years old) and I (30 years old) are trying to conceive. Long story short, years on the T-coil messed with her hormones and left her infertile. A standard British diet won't have helped either, even though she has been lean all her life and only in the last few years put on a bit of weight, but never very much. We went through 1 IVF cycle, with no success.

On my initiative we went primal a few months ago. I've been pretty strict and have nothing but praise, and I have seen good progress. My sperm count went from poor to "millions". She has been much less disciplined than I have, I think mainly because of her crazy work schedule (2 jobs, involving getting up in the morning at 4am, coming home at 9pm). She is on board with the principles but doesn't always act accordingly, also because for work reasons we do not live together at the moment so I can't cook for her and she only gets about 6 hours sleep a night, in my opinion the main stumbling block. I have suggested many times to eat liver and drink bone broths, hopefully one day we'll get there.

Anyway, in order to boost our chances to conceive naturally (I don't see any reason why we couldn't), she is going down the supplement route, which I suppose is better than the status quo. She convinced me to start taking one as well. I would appreciate some feedback on the contents. See below. It seems pretty OK to me, or do I risk overdosing anything? (my only other supplements are 5000IU vitamin D and vitamin K2).