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Thread: Preparing your own animal fat and a tasty primal treat as well!! :-)

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    Preparing your own animal fat and a tasty primal treat as well!! :-)

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    Just discovered this today, it has probably been posted before but can't be bad to post it again!

    Basically this is a method to rendering your own animal fat and have a tasty primal treat while you are at it! And it is sooo simple!

    All you need it the skin and the solid fat matter from your raw choice of animal; chicken, goose, duck, beef, pork, lamb, goat etc...

    put all the skin and solid fat matter from your raw animal into a skillet/crock pot. If you have neither just use a large non stick sauce pan pour in about a cup of water into the pan and then turn the heat on medium and allow the water to evaporate on it's own. The oil/fat should seep out of the skin and solid fat so that all that should remain is the skin soaked in liquid animal fat.

    Allow the fat to crispen up, when it has gone brown, remove from heat and drain the liquid fat off into a container and keep the crispy skin to one side.

    Store the fat in the fridge, should keep for about a week!

    With the skin, remove excess fat using a teatowl or kitchen towl and sprinkle with a little bit of sea salt and pepper and eat as a snack or could chop up finely and put ontop of salads etc!!

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    I've rendered lard many to chop it into smallish cubes so that it cooks down a bit faster and more evenly. Crockpot is a great method. I like to do it on our woodstove in the winter!

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