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Thread: Primal giving me an eating disorder

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    Hi there, I only got up to page three of responses so this has probably been said, but thought I'd lend support/credence to the idea. I know what it feels like to become obsessive, but as I've only been (partly) primal for a month or so I can also categorically say that I know how amazing you feel when you switch from conventional eating to primal. I'm only partly because I'm pregnant, and compared to previous pregnancy I feel amazing.
    We have also recently embarked on a reduce personal debt campaigne, and frankly, living tight can feel like you are sitting in your home staring at 4 walls and obsessing over the one thing you spend money on - food. I've found a bunch of free things in the community which have helped save my sanity immensely, and have also started growing my own vege which gives an awesome feeling of satisfaction, not only knowing how clean you're eating, but also knowing you're putting food on the table at extremely low cost... I strongly recommend if you have the climate and time- space isn't a huge issue even herbs in window pots is enough to feel good. Also, can join the local library and hire for free DVDs on learning another language etc. the world is your oyster once you know where to look for free diversions!! As someone who knows what it's like to battle a mild (is that possible?) ED, I know keeping busy is the only thing that works for me.

    Finally, in the book he mentions low impact cardio (this is from memory and I'm a newbie so don't hold it against me if I get my terms mixed up!) as good for maintenance but if you want to lose weight you need to do the heavy lifting... Is that getting missed in your routine? Not sure if you've covered that in another comment. Might be linked with your weight fluctuations. I have to keep reminding myself its not a diet, it's a lifestyle! And not to focus on the food alone

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    Well I am back to re starting again. I am having difficulty cos I have for some reason become obsessed with GMO and chemicals in food, but at the same time total 360 here, don't seem to be able to stick to paleo or primal. So then I think and think what can I eat, I am sick of eating eggs all the time it seems and then I think what can I have. Partly my fault cos not usign the recipes I have gotten off line etc. but I can commiserate... I don't way Paleo gave me an eating disorder but made me look at what I was eating and clean it up - did great for few months then bang huge carb craving and now just not eating enough or well when i do eat.

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    I'm sorry but primal didn't do anything to you. Just because you are crazy doesn't mean you should blame the tool (the primal diet).

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