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Thread: Primal giving me an eating disorder

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    I think people keep searching for that magic diet that will make them only eat what they need and no more. As Mike Mentzer liked to say "you have a conscious mind, use it". Only you can decide what goes into your body and a lot of it is mental. This is coming from a formal obese man that finally had to realize that I make me what I am and nothing else.

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    I'm not trying to be difficult or mean, but I think your thread title is backwards. Primal eating isn't 'giving' you an ED. You have disordered eating tendencies that are not helped by primal eating--and would not be helped by ANY restrictive plan. You need to find a way of eating that allows you to eat moderately and healthily without obsessing.

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    Life sucks hey? If you hate eating primal than dont do it. Or you can keep doing it and come here every week and use us as therapy I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emmie View Post
    I'm not trying to be difficult or mean, but I think your thread title is backwards. Primal eating isn't 'giving' you an ED. You have disordered eating tendencies that are not helped by primal eating--and would not be helped by ANY restrictive plan. You need to find a way of eating that allows you to eat moderately and healthily without obsessing.
    This is nearly EXACTLY what I was going to post.

    Nothing will "give" someone an eating disorder. EDs are a mental thing - if you have an addictive personality (addiction to control and structure, in this case) then you can hyper-restrict yourself (in this case, with a dietary change) and cause your body harm. If you have a disorder, it will show itself in some way - Primal, paleo, low fat, high fat, low carb... you could pick any of them and I bet you'd still end up with disordered eating habits. I know I do.

    When I was vegan, I'd always think about food -- vegan food. I'd think about when my next vegan cookie would be. I'd dream about the lovely vegan loaves of bread my friend's veg-friendly local shop would have in the morning. When I was eating the SAD, I would dream about the ice cream waiting in my freezer, or the packets of fruit snacks in my pantry. Now being paleo/primal, I still think about food all the time -- but now it's of the coconut chips in my pantry, and the dozen apples I have in my fridge. Like someone else in this thread earlier, I always think about food. It doesn't matter if I am vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous, paleo, or primal - I will think about food all the time. (Be my pinterest or instagram friend and you will see how often I post/talk/update about food, recipes, and restaurants!) That's just how I am.

    You, on the other hand, restrict yourself and become obsessed with the structure and control of a dietary plan. That's just how you are. I don't want this to sound wrong, but it's not Primal that's doing this to you - it's you.

    In the end, I agree with what many have already said. You should work on listening to your body. Eat what it wants... hell, even if it's not primal. If you find a way to eat that allows you to simultaneously enjoy eating WITHOUT obsession, worry, or fear... that's the "sweet spot". And, if you can't do it on your own, seek help.
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    Issabeau, I still consider myself a newbie (started March of this year) and only half way to the weight part of my goal (lost 54 of my 105 lbs to lose) so I am only commiserating and not qualified for great advice since you've been doing this for so long. But (did you know there was a but coming?) but, why did you give up your raw milk? From all I have read, it's an ideal, nutritious food. And if it was A2 then you were consuming liquid gold (though that's hard to tell nowadays). Perhaps you should go back to raw dairy and do as another suggested and freeze your leftovers & excess food.

    I admire you staying Primal for 2 1/2 years. Despite that, I do wonder if you have some sort of hormonal imbalance or deficiency for to be so driven to eat often can be a sign that your body is trying to get something it's lacking.

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    If a person has obsessive compulsive tendencies, they have them. No one WOE "gives" this to them.

    If you were a vegan you might obsess over the one micron of egg in the ingredient list.
    If you were a raw foodist you might obsess about making sure your kale chips never go over 150 degrees in the dehydrator.
    If you were a fruitarian, you might act like D Rider.

    And, if you happen to be Primal/paleo, you might obsess over the quality of your food and your macros.

    On any WOE you might tend to get too restrictive with yourself and then binge out.

    You are just manifesting aspects of you. Primal is just the framework that happens to be in place.
    If you want to work on the ED, that's great. But saying any one WOE caused it

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    Wow, lots of good comments i did not expect. I made some notes and also had some lightbulbs go off while reading all the replies.
    otzi : Yes, I am planning on having a complete blood work done, with vitamins and everything. That made me realize that this summer is the first I did not lay out and tan because we had a solar flare over the winter and was thinking it's best to stay out of those rays this year. I might actually lack VitD.

    cavebaby: I thought about drinking water everytime a craving pops up but that dang water is in the fridge and guess what else? I should buy a Minifridge for $99,- to solve that problem.

    Neckhammer: It's true, I need a hobby or two. We've been sacrificing everything (but food quality) over the last 3 years and just sat at home doing nothing but stare at walls. Hopefully this will soon change since I made my last payment this month and we are actually completely debt free starting September.

    magicmerl: Freezing left overs is genius, I'm not sure why I haven't done that. I freeze the dogs fresh raw foods why not mine? I lack plastic containers to do so though, mine are all glass and break in the freezer. Plastic containers are now on the list to buy!

    ennaejay: When I read those words "it takes effort" I thought to myself "no shit, when did I become lazy and let this 'thing' take ahold of me". I don't know at which point I took the back seat because everything seemed to be SO EASY on primal...

    emmie: You mention that I might have a tendency for disordered eating. Mmmmaybe just a little bit, I've always obsessed about looking athletic. I know I have a slight OCD for it drives me nuts if objects in the house are not at a 90 degree angle aligned with walls or furniture... (you can laugh if you must =P)

    Kerry: I think your suggestion goes hand in hand with otzi's, something might be missing or something might actually be too high throwing off a balance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    You need a hobby. Perhaps several.
    I agree with this. When I get bored I can eat too much but if I'm busy I rarely feel hungry or the need to eat. I have hobbies but also look for ways of getting exercise that accomplish something, like changing the soil grade around the garage. (Needed to be done but I volunteered.) Being busy and getting (good) tired are the best ways of keeping me from wanting to eat.

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    Some no expense hobbies are: learning to cook (heck your buying good food anyhow), learn to ferment (same as last, plus helps with food not getting wasted), train your dog (takes time and patience, but a good hobby none the less), walk, lift, yoga or tai chi (just grab a random book and do the basic set of moves), putz around on blogs and read science and debate strangers on the internet about health minutia (relative waste of time, but better than obsessing ), plant a garden, read up on permaculture, play cards (I prefer poker, but this one is NOT a low expense one), wrastle the get the picture.

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    Is seems like if it's an obsession with food, then going off primal won't do much, either. It's hard, but TAKE CONTROL! Just stop eating when you know you've started eating too much. Take a shower, go for a walk, sweep the house.

    As for the quanitites you have to buy, cook it and then freeze it! It will be there for you the next day when you've finished your first portion.

    I find that fruit and nuts tend to make me overeat. If they're a big part of your diet, try taking them out for a while.

    Find a goal for your life. Don't put food as a priority. Just live life, and eat whenever you have hunger. It will come.

    Remember why you started eating primally and try to reestablish the mindset you had in the beginning.

    For breakfast, you can eat anything. Doesn't have to be eggs. Eat your favorite dinners for breakfast.

    This is just a hump that you can get over! I know you can. (:

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