I gotta admit. One of my guilty pleasures is the National Geographic Channel show Doomsday Preppers . . . some of them are just nuts - but some of them are just impressive and inspiring. It makes me want to make an effort to be better prepared in case of disaster - even if not an apocalyptic one - living where I do, wildfires, blizzards and floods are real and presents threats at any given time.

But how does one prepare and stay primal, especially as concerns putting food by? Most canning recipes call for lots of sugar or salt. And grains are one of the easiest foods to store for longer periods of time, but the need to rotate things in and out of what you have in stock means eating those grains before they go bad . . .

Any thoughts? Or am I the only one weird enough to think about these things?

(Though you can't get much more primal than being forced into a hunter-gatherer lifestyle following an apocalypse, right?)