I'm on Day 3 of my second Whole30 and have decided it would be a good idea to publicly track my journey.

Activity: Volleyball

Breakfast: "pancake" made of 1 egg and 1 banana topped w/1 T almond butter
Lunch: 4 oz. beef jerky, 2 lg carrots, pickle
Dinner: TBD

I usually like to plan my dinners, but volleyball night makes it more of a grab and go-maybe eggs or tuna salad, depends what I feel like.

My motivation for starting this journal is really two-fold. I want to track my progress in moving toward what I hope is the best health of my life. I recently started crossfit and am really looking forward to seeing the progress. I've also been making dietary changes slowly, but sometimes it's hard to look back and realized how long it has been. Since starting to eat Primal in February, I have switched to grass-fed or pastured meats and eggs. I brew my own kombucha. I've made my own sauerkraut twice. I started canning my own vegetables-7 quarts of tomatoes are just waiting for me in the basement. Now, I'm adding more organ meats to my diet-specifically liver.

The second part of this, is I want to have my goals out there for people to support. My boyfriend is willing to let me do whatever I want, but he doesn't actively support my primal life. He just doesn't generally sabotage me. I'm seeing my parents and other family member's health decline and I really don't want to go through that any time in my life. My mom spent my entire life "on a diet." She was always using some CW way to lose weight. My weight is healthy, and I hope, by adopting a primal diet, will stay that way for life.