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Thread: Early Morning Workouts

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    Early Morning Workouts

    Hi all,

    I am struggling a bit with energy right now. I am 34 and 5'6.5" (yes, that half inch is important to me! ) with an athletic build. I currently weigh 155 but am very comfortable in a size 8 (for those women out there). I work out a lot. I get up at 4:45 am 4-5 days a week. 3 of those days are cardio kickboxing, the remaining 2 are heavy resistance training. I also play indoor soccer once a week, about to start playing an additional day outdoors. I love all of it and have noticed a huge difference in my body. So while I realize this type of workout schedule is not really in line with Mark's exercise approach, I don't think I'll be changing anything.

    I had 3 babies in the span of 3.5 years and still have a bit of a belly pooch and my body really likes to hold on to the fat on my inner thighs. Believe me, with three kids 5 and under I am not aiming for perfection! I had hit a plateau at about 160 so I decided to try out the primal lifestyle. I lost 4.5 pounds in one week. I stayed with the 1400 calories I had been eating but drastically changed their composition. Based on posts made by Mark's wife's Carrie, I went to 50% fat (78g), 30% protein (105g) and 20% carbs (70g). I have a little trouble meeting those goals but have been doing okay.

    But I am having a problem with energy for my early morning workouts, particularly the kickboxing. I know it's not primal but I drink an Advocare Spark drink at about 5am before I leave, but I don't have enough time to eat and actually digest anything before class starts. Nor am I willing to get up any earlier to do so.

    Any suggestions? I'm perfectly willing to up my carbs but I am not really understanding how that would help with an early morning workout, unless it's just a general increase in carbs and not particular to heavy workout days.

    Thanks a lot!
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