I had to go in to the office this morning instead of right to the gym and I brought my breakfast with me. Everyone around is eating low fat muffins, bananas, premixed yogurt crap follow by their low fat mocca latte swirl.

I had a big cup of Kicking Horse Bear Claw dark coffee with my favorite breakfast. Organic ground beef, organic ground bison, organic beef garlic sausage goulash. Onions, garlic, red potatos, carrots, mushrooms, tumeric, cayenne, cumin seed with a little salt and pepper. As I scarfed down my big meaty breakfast I noticed Mr. low fat muffin staring at me. I asked him how his muffin tasted as I enjoyed my last few mouthfulls of juicy protien and organic veggies. I think his voice actually cracked.... It's good to eat meat.