Hey yall it's been a while since I last visited. More like 2 months. In that time I have FAILED! I slowly began not living the primal lifestyle and went back to SAD and all that comes with it. Can't really say what caused it but I did switch shifts during that time. I don't know how much swithcing shifts (from days to graves) can affect your eating, excercise, etc. Most of this time I was eating 50% primal until last week. I had to travel to Seattle for one week for work. I was living out of a suitcase in a hotel and was given per diem. Which translate to eating out 3 x a day. I had all the usual suspects, BBQ, pizza, burgers (buns) candy and peanuts! Funny I was able to keep breakfast mostly primal but after that the day went to hell fast. I swear my instructor for the course was like a dope dealer with the candy. Once he got you hooked it was over lol. Once I came back home I said screw it and throughout this past weekend I did not resist the temptations and I am embarrassed by what I ate. Of course after the pigout weekend in came clarity and I promised myself I would drag my sorry ass back to the gym and resume primal. Coming here is the first order of business to confess my "sins" and for some added motivation. After work I am heading for a long walk before bed then it's lift heavy tomorrow. Boy I feel like a fat slob and my uniform and equipment is fitting kinda snug. All of this after I had been primal for almost six months straight, being overwhelmed by comments from ppl who was noticing how lean I was getting and touting primal to anyone who would listen (or forced to listen). I am such a hypocrite! I don't think I'll be a stranger to MDA and primal again.