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Thread: Couldn't stop laughing

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    Vegans are retards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moochy View Post
    Joel Fuhrman and the lunatic fringe of the Vegan
    Robb has vowed not to call vegans retards
    Wrong. Vegans are retards. Normal people don't eat this way.
    This nonsense has a long history. I came to this country in the 80s. Imagine my reaction when I saw American football looking guys eating their sprouts on Columbia's grass. They scared me as much as Reagan who called some insanely rich people "heroes" for dropping some pennies "charitably."
    Ah, at receptions there were mostly sticks - celery and carrots. Tell me that this is normal.
    I never overcame my aversion to sprouts and sticks (and Reagan and charity)
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