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Thread: Saturated Fat good - Scientific American review of literature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgiaPeach View Post
    That was my thoughts about refined vs whole grains. But why limit carbs to just grains? I mean it is essentially based on glycemic load... That can come from all sorts of carbs in excess- even natural ones.
    It's why I've stuck to Primal rather than completely buying into the "paleo macro agnostic" or "neolithic agents of disease" movement. So far Primal still points to that carb curve without saying....."well unless we're talking about potatoes".

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    It seems all calories may not be equal.
    This came up with no mention of the article which shows a low fat diet is the worst for loosing weigh compared to a low carb or a low GI diet.

    The Best Diet for Keeping Off the Pounds | Men's Health News

    googled the author and found this JAMA Network | JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association | Effects of Dietary Composition on Energy Expenditure During Weight-Loss Maintenance

    and a review here Dieting? Study challenges notion that a calorie is just a calorie

    and to quote
    Though a low-fat diet is traditionally recommended by the U.S. Government and Heart Association, it caused the greatest decrease in energy expenditure, an unhealthy lipid pattern and insulin resistance.
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    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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