I'm 17 and I've been Primal to varying degrees of strictness over the past few months. I still haven't nailed down the nutrition aspect of the lifestyle completely (still some sweets/dairy/quinoa/rice), so I suspect that that's the culprit, but I'd like to hear others' views first.

I understand how important it is to cultivate good habits for college that will carry me through life, and one that my parents have always preached to me is to work out early in the morning, so that I can charge through work the rest of the day. My goal target wake up time is 5:50 or 6. I set an alarm. When morning comes around, I just press snooze automatically because I just feel so tired. Now, I suspect that something is wrong here because when I hear I about people who have had success with the Primal lifestyle, most of them talk about how they naturally wake up earlier.

I generally sleep around midnight, and I don't really know how to condition myself to sleep at any time earlier, like 10 PM. But I really want to make a habit of sleeping earlier in order to wake up earlier, so I don't like a walking zombie who has prematurately accumulated her Freshman 15.

So, my questions:

1. Am I unable to get up because I haven't been strict on the nutrition aspect of things? Or is it really a matter of discipline that I'm lacking?
2. Should I focus on still setting my alarm early to work out (I don't like to work out later in the day), or just getting my eating and sleeping habits in place?

Thank you in advance for reading ramblings and bestowing your wisdom. I genuinely appreciate it!