I tried for WEEKS to eat 1 meal a day. I tried following a time line or not following a time line. All I ended up with was an obsession for watching the clock.

This was around a few weeks ago. At the same time I was dropping my carbs really low and upping my fats REALLY high to try to make it easier.

I have not lost weight in those few weeks, BUT I have more energy than I have ever dreamed. I am even keeled and happy, happy, happy. I use to bonk at 3 pm really hard and that has stopped. I stopped breaking out. Tons of good things here.

My protein use to be around 120 grams, but since I was going for nutritional ketosis I dropped it to 60-80 grams.

I purchased a blood ketones measuring device and came up with a 3.8 reading the first day and a 2.9 reading the next.

It is advocated all over the LCHF boards that you can eat a little more if you are eating this way or you don't have to consciously restrict. Ladies, since I know the guys don't work the same way, do you find you can eat a little more if you are maintaining, but have to cut the same amount of calories to get the scale to budge.

I ate around 2500-3000 for about 2 weeks with some ups, but mostly maintaining my weight. I spent the last few days around 1500-1800 and the scale is finally starting to come down.

I wish there were more blogs that covered women doing this. I feel like the male LCHF blogs don't give women enough insight into what we should be doing. No judgement. Just observation.

What do you think?