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Thread: Nutritional Ketosis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Where do you get your marrow bones? I find them to be the most expensive things where I source my meat from.
    I have a grass fed meat CSA and I order the bones on the side. They are just so pleased that anyone even wants them that I get them really cheap. Same with the offal that nobody wants.

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    Hi I just wandered into this thread and read the whole thing. I've been trying nutritional ketosis for the past month and have spent almost 3/4 of the time in ketosis (as checked with blood ketones). I haven't noticed much weight loss though.. and can probably attribute this not restricting calories enough.

    I've spent the past few days restricting calories and will continue to do so to see if this prompts more weight loss in the future. I was wondering if anyone here is still trying this and do you guys have good experience with weight loss?

    A little about my background... I'm 182 lbs, and am around 20% body fat. with my attempt at caloric restriction, I've been trying to consume in the range of 2000-2200 calories with a macro break down of 70/20/10 fat/protein/carb.

    According some calculators, since I am moderately active, my daily caloric use is estimated to be around 2700, with my BMR around 1700.

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    bjj, come and join us in this thread!
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