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    September Whole 30!!! Who's with me!?!?!

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    So, I know we have some time before September is here, but I'd like to get a support thread started on doing a Whole 30 in September!!!!

    For me, I won't be having any dairy, sugar, grains, or alcohol for the entire month. Usually I use some dairy, butter namely, and once in a while have some dark chocolate.

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    I'm doing so well on August Whole30 that I'll probably carry it over to September.

    However, I'll have certain planned non-Whole30 days - specifically, my godson's birthday party (probably non-paleo foods, but I'll do what I can), my anniversary at the end of the month (definitely wine, and possibly non-paleo food), and wine during Rosh Hashana.

    But there will be a planned IF during Yom Kippur!

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    I started a whole30 in June- continued for 50 days. I was more nervous about adding things back than anything else. I survived. Never added back dairy bc I did t miss it. Drank champagne and wine a few times, didn't miss it. Had sme frozen yogurt, ehh. Laxed a bit during the beginning of August and I hated it.

    Started a new whole30 5 days ago, so I plan to stay on track through September as well. So I'll join you. 2 of my best girlfriends are w me attempting their first! So awesome!

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    Um I guess I will start my first whole30. I have been on the site but I am wondering if I have to pay the 9.99 or whatevs to read about it more in depth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawyerchick12 View Post
    Um I guess I will start my first whole30. I have been on the site but I am wondering if I have to pay the 9.99 or whatevs to read about it more in depth?
    You can get all the information you need to do a Whole30 on the website without paying. But I do highly recommend reading the Hartwigs' book, It Starts With Food, before embarking if you can get your hands on it. It really helps to have an in-depth explanation of why you're doing what you're doing.

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    I won't be doing a Whole30, just clean eating. No sugar, including no fruit/starches (for candida issues) until I've been symptom-free for a couple of weeks, no grains, no alcohol (unless I'm symptom-free, then I might try one drink here and there. I will be eating yogurt.
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    As my attempts on the August Primal challenge have gone far better than I expected (I'm suprised I don't miss dark chocolate, nuts and my daily dairy), I think I'm ready to give a Whole30 a go and see what happens .

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    On day 20 of mine, and I have no plans to change what I'm doing for September, except for adding 3-5 glasses of wine/week in (maybe less) and having some frickin' dark chocolate.

    I'm wondering if I can make this last the rest of the year, even over the holidays! I will, of course, have to plan on some Oktoberfest beer and brats. We do have one of the BEST Oktoberfest celebrations in the US!
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    I'm in - I'm out of heavy cream and cheese, so it seems like as good a time as any! I've been meaning to do an autoimmune elimination trial with no dairy and no nightshades, and I think this is a good time for that. Not sure if I'm ready for no eggs yet...

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    I'd do Whole 30 with butter and/or a bit of cheese if I feel like it. Can't think of anything else I would like that is not W30, but I will post any deviations. I'll also continue weighing in daily till I hit 122, and weekly after that.
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