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    I'm in as well. I want to cut out dairy as it causes me a lot of congestion. I also want to see if the lack of dairy will increase my energy. I cut out sugar a while ago and thought that I would find it easier to get out of bed in the morning, but it's still a struggle for me, so the only thing left to try and cut out is dairy. I know that both the casein and lactose affect me negatively, so hopefully I'll get some good results!

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    Started today, did well all day but now end of the day I'm jonesing for a sugar fix! I'm gonna go eat some meat, not really hungry but maybe it will curb the cravings...

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    I'm in. I started my 3rd, Whole 30, three days ago. Haven't had the scale move in 1 week, so working on reducing overall calories, reducing slightly the protein and increasing fat. My goal is to be in ketosis for the entire month and see where it takes me. So far, so good -- lots of great energy.
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    What's everyone doing about snacking bw meals? I know it's frowned upon by Melissa and Dallas, but I also know its really difficult for some people....must curious as to how everyone's handling that during their whole30

    For me, I try hard not to, but if I'm hungry I eat. I'm not looking to lose weight, just want to feel amazing. I'll have a few berries, carrots and almond butter, or some other fruit. I guess I should tone it down, especially w the after dinner nighttime fruit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louisa655 View Post
    My goal is to be in ketosis for the entire month and see where it takes me. So far, so good -- lots of great energy.
    Ditto on the ketosis! Do you have any tips/strategies to up the fat without upping protein -- without using dairy? Butter and heavy whipping cream have been my go-to fats in the past. I would put a couple pats of butter on top of a bowl of chili or some grilled steak -- olive oil or coconut oil just doesn't have the same appeal.

    I was reading through Paleobird's MOAR Fat thread today and trying to calculate my ketosis macros, since I won't actually be testing for ketones. I ran yesterday's eats through fitday and was good on carb and protein, but low on fat. It was a low calorie day, overall, but I was thinking if I had known I could have just added some straight coconut oil -- two tablespoons, or so, to reach my fat. My husband, on the other hand, is not down with the straight coconut oil, so I'm trying to find ideas for him to up the fat *without* more protein for ketosis. He wants to play, too

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    Newbie here!

    I'm in, not sure what the whole 30 is but I will just follow strick Paleo/Primal for the whole of September.

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    I get boring without dairy so I think I'll pass. I'll definitely be keeping out the grains though. I'll also probably not have many carbs (sub-70g all days, sub-50g most days) and definitely no junk food. Okay maybe one of those coconut things but that's it.
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    It's great that so many Primal-thinking people want to do this together! Tomorrow's the day! Here in Afghanistan, I've just come back from grocery shopping and I've stocked up on fresh beef, chicken, sardines (canned), clams (canned), halibut (canned), coconut milk, eggs, and a whole slew of vegetables. It stinks that dairy and fruit aren't allowed, especially since apricots are in season here. Yumm...

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    Fruit isn't excluded from the Whole30 - only dairy, legumes, grains and various seed oils, among other things. Some followers choose not to include fruit, but if you are a high burn/exercise frequently, or don't have any problem with occasional sugar indulgence, including fruit is perfectly fine!

    I'll also be joining you all for a Whole30 during September. I recently moved to Turkey and will begin my first full-time job as an English teacher on the Aegean coast. I completed a Whole30 back in January and loved the focus and energy that came as a result of it. I'll need both to handle the many responsibilities of my new job.

    I plan on following the Whole30 to a tee - I may even attempt 60 days! We'll see how my discipline is with drinking beer after the first 30..

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    Day 4 here. Yesterday I was hungry again in the afternoon, and drank gallons of water to try and deal with it. On arrival at home after work, I headed straight for the fridge to look for dinner. Two points of interest. I felt very tired late afternoon, which is a time of day when normally I am quite zippy. And secondly, after dinner at about 8pm, my mind was telling me I needed to binge, but my body was saying I wasn't hungry and would feel awful if I did launch into the multi-seed bread that was sitting on the counter. My body won, I'm glad to say, and I went to bed feeling very virtuous. A strange sensation, as normally I'd have given in right away.

    This morning I woke up feeling great, and sang all the way to work in the car. It's been a while since i did that. Am beginning to think that my evening glasses of wine might have been contributing to my depression over the last few years.

    Regarding snacking, I have been having the odd pecan nut, but this wasn't doing the trick at all. I've now moved on to bananas (or banana, as I only have one). That keeps me going fo ages. Having said that I am trying to stick to the three meals a day, if at all possible.
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