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    Sorry to hear about your mom. It sounds like you two were close. Glad to hear that you feel prepared to take on a strict challenge like the W30. Don't give in and come back to this thread for support!!!

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    How's everyone doing? It was day 9 for me. Pretty tough day. I stuck to it but am at the point where I'm bored eating the same things and wondering how I'm going to make it 21 more days and beyond. I made a good chicken stir fry tonight but I'm still kind of hungry. I'm going to try out some different recipes tomorrow to keep things interesting. I need to roast up some more veggies too. the flavor really is bumped up with roasting.

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    I had a major disaster on Day 5, relate to the fact it was Friday, and my OH decided I needed a glass of wine. This was followed by several others, plus a couple of slices of bread and a piece of Brie. I slept appallingly badly and had very weird dreams. On Saturday I felt sluggish and unwell in the morning. We have people coming over for lunch today, so I've decided to restart tomorrow.

    I have learned a couple of things though because of falling off the wagon. One is that I am perfectly happy with a grain and legume free diet, but no dairy is pushing it - I feel deprived without milk in my tea and my morning smoothie, and eat too many nuts to compensate. The other is that half an hour of bingeing leads to about 18 hours of feeling yuck. I know this and yet still do it. A bit of head examination is required to work out exactly why my subconscious thinks this is a worthwhile transaction.

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    Day 1 was a success. I did very well, even though I am a guest in someone else's home.

    Sleep - We are visiting Boston this weekend for my BIL's birthday. I usually have a hard time sleeping in their guest room. I think that I have an allergy to something. On Fri I ate a bunch of junk and drank several glasses of very strong sangria in honor of my BIL's 50th. That night I barely slept because my allergy made it impossible to breathe. Yesterday I ate cleanly and we took a long hike. Last night I went upstairs, fell right to sleep with no problem and slept great. My sinuses stayed clear. Hmmm maybe it is an allergy to bad food.
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    Day 1 is done! I am concurrently trying to break my coffee addiction (3-4 cups a day for the last 26 years!). I had one cup yesterday and the headaches were unbearable. My husband grilled a steak for me last night which was lovely.

    On to Day 2!

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    I had all the measurements done, and I have to say I am staring Whole 30 in a bad place. I was pretty much 125 lbs, with all my inches going up by at least once since March. The summer was not kind to me.

    So, starting stats: 125 lbs, 13.5"-10.5"-26.5"-36"-35" (Neck-bicep-Waist-Hip-Thigh)

    I am very scared of the not weighing portion of W30, but I know it is a part of the deal, and an important part of the deal. I want to stick. I will likely gain a lot of weight, but in the end, I have fat to lose now, I will have fat to lose after W30. So, what's the dif.
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    I am feeling pretty awesome here on day 5. i've been plagued with some headache and muscle ache but i hope that is behind me now. today i am making slow cooker bbq pork ribs with a home made bbq sauce recipe i got from ISWF.

    i had some leftover tomato sauce and i put ground pork and spinach in it, and had it over 2 fried eggs and it was THE MOST DELICIOUS BREAKFAST I HAVE EVER EATEN. :3 and i am never a person who put tomato products on eggs, so this was blowing my mind. so good. :3

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    This is my third try to do a whole 30.. I know I'm a late starter but tomorrow will be day 1 for me. I'm so tired of not being able to get it right and stick to it so I can feel all the benefits of the whole 30. I feel ready to do it right this time and I'm looking forward to share this journey with you all! good luck to all of you

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    I am so excited to start this tomorrow! I feel so gross and sluggish after the long weekend, so really hoping to detox over the next few days.

    I have friends visiting, and it really surprised me to see how different my diet and lifestyle has become since I found PB. I'd planned to make some exceptions while they're here, but not quite to this extreme. They wanted to eat out for every meal, which is fine but the places they chose were super limited as to what was primal. I think the "best" thing I could find was a gross salty steak and reheated frozen vegetables at Applebee's. One night I suggested cooking at home and offered to grill burgers... they took "cooking at home" to mean we should get multiple frozen pizzas and a half gallon of ice cream for just the three of us. I made myself a BAS that night, and another one for the next morning when they declined cereal (which I bought just for them) and went to get breakfast from Mcdonald's. Last night I also declined a midnight taco bell run.

    I've been really careful not to preach or say anything besides "no thanks", but it's so frustrating! Especially when they talk about needing to get into better shape and clearly have no energy. Neither is obese or visibly unhealthy, but I've definitely noticed changes. I've been waking up between 6-8 every morning, then entertaining myself while they sleep in until noon... then we go do something, and they take naps after we come home. I hope I don't sound like I'm whining too much, but it feels good to vent to people who probably understand! If nothing else this whole experience has motivated me to really commit to Whole30! Starting tomorrow morning with a breakfast of sweet potatoes, avocado, and eggs cooked in coconut oil.

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    I'm in - I'm on day 6 and *so far* have not cheated at all! My problem is getting enough calories in...strangely, I haven't been real hungry at all. September seems like a great month for this, too!

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