At the age of 62 and after 6 decades of being chronically ill from eating the wrong foods (ie a balanced diet with lots of grains) I am wanting to get fitter and more flexible. I have taken up karate and have been doing that for nearly 18 months but I'm still suffering the consequences of never being fit and never being flexible. I've started doing Marks recommended exercises and oh, my goodness. I have seriously a long, long way to go.

I have finally, with the help of my desk and hanging on tight, been able to get into a deep squat. It took a couple of months! I can do a couple of push ups properly after 18 months (have to for karate) but I still have problems doing the numbers of wall push ups Mark suggests.

My biggest problem is that as soon as I ramp up the numbers my auto-immune diseases kick in and my health rapidly deteriorates. It is frustrating. The difference between improving fitness and flexibility and overdoing it setting off the health problems is only about 10 minutes a day and I can't always pick it. I can feel great while I'm doing it, only to have my auto-immune flare up an hour or more later. It really p----- me off!

Dietwise I'm pretty strict and my health is better than its ever been, but that doesn't mean I'm anywhere near where I want to be yet.

I do NOT want to continue to deteriorate as I see so many people of my age do. I'm improving, but, my goodness it takes focus and determination to make the changes after all this time.