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Thread: Salad dressings besides vinaigrette and evoo based ones

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    Mix sour cream half-and-half with salsa.

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    Pesto! Use any herb/nut combination you prefer - love the fresh herbed taste.
    I am newly addicted to basil, and there are still a lot in the yard! This year was awesome for basil! STill, we are not in a hot climate, so a lot of basil, basically means a few leaves every day, definetly not 2 packed cups full. So, I am looking for good pesto recipes/ideas with basil mixed with other greens.

    I am going to try spinach with a bit of basil leaves and walnuts (the cheapest raw organic option). Does anyone know if non-organic sunflower seeds are Okay? Are sunflowers being sprayed badly? I love sunflower flavor and would love pesto based on that.

    Also, I love Parmesan, but I can't get raw Parmesan, just organic. I can get raw organic cheddar. Is cheddar Okay, or just go without cheese?
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    I'm a sucker for Tahini-based dressings. They are really thick and creamy. You can go the herbal/tangy route, or you can add a little sweetener for more of a honey-mustard type dressing. You can generally find it in the health food section, although I always buy it at my local middle eastern grocery for higher quality and better price.

    This is how you do it:

    2 tbsp tahini, well stirred
    touch of lemon or vinegar
    1/4 cup water
    any herbs you love, such as itallian seasoning

    Begin by stirring the lemon into the tahini, drop by drop. After vigorous stirring and slow liquid addition, your tahini will go from being an oily liquid, to a brown paste, to finally a white creamy liquid. Add water until dressing has reached desired consistency. If you go too far, you can always add more tahini but make sure you switch arms or have a blender at that point- don't get a cramp! Once texture is perfect, adjust salt, lemon, and desired herbs and spices to taste.
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