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    Ode to Bacon

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    Bacon is one of the most amazing foods in existence!

    Post all your bacon heavy reicipies so we can keep bacon fresh and new!!

    Bacon Balsalmic:

    1tbsp Balsalmic
    1/8 tsp roasted garlic
    pinch sea salt
    Pinch ground pepper
    heat up 2 strips of bacon for salad
    pour grease into mix


    Warm bacony deliciousness

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    Oh, sweet bacon, my daily breakfast-lunch-dinner-snack-dessert!

    There is but one way I like to make my bacon.

    Tbsp of butter melted in a stainless-steel skillet. Drop in four pieces of thick, apple- or hickory-smoked, organic, humanely raised, nitrate-free bacon. Slice up a precooked sausage and place the bits around the bacon. When the sausage is in, it's time to flip the bacon. When the bacon is flipped, it's time to turn the sausage slices. Then it's time to flip the bacon again. All this time I'm swishing the hot butter/grease around liberally. Then it's time to take out the bacon, then the sausage, put them on a plate, and immediately douse them in cinnamon. Real asian cinnamon preferred!

    Then I fry three eggs in the grease, preserving the yolks. When the eggs are out of the skillet, I stack them in a bowl, pour the remaining grease from the skillet over the bacon/sausage, and dust it in yet more cinnamon!

    None of it is overcooked, in fact it's a bit raw by CW standards, but that's how I like it! Now it's time to chow down, dipping the bacon and sausage bits in the egg yolk for extra flavor. Then I lick everything clean because it is just that good.

    My current 24-hour fast is up in just six more hours (can you tell?) and I am going to eat me some serious bacons.

    Thank you, Athena, for this very important thread!
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    The most basic and obvious: BLT salad
    6 slices bacon, cooked til crispy and chopped roughly
    2-3 cups green leaf or romaine lettuce
    2 tomatos (roma or heirloom are best)
    half an avocado, cubed
    2-3 tbsp bacon grease, hot
    pepper to taste
    Toss all ingredients together

    Baconated pepper

    bacon, 3 slices, chopped very fine
    just enough cream cheese or beaten egg to hold the bacon together (approx 1 tsp)
    jalapeno pepper (1)
    bacon slice (2)

    Mix the bacon and binding agent to create a thick pate consistency. Slit the pepper and remove the seeds, being careful to retain the original shape. Stuff the cavity with the bacon pate. Wrap in 2-3 slices whole bacon. Gril until outside bacon is crispy crunchy.

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    Not exactly a recipe, but interesting nonetheless:

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    Bacon makes everything better
    The "Seven Deadly Sins"

    Grains (wheat/rice/oats etc) . . . . . Dairy (milk/yogurt/butter/cheese etc) . . . . . Nightshades (peppers/tomato/eggplant etc)
    Tubers (potato/arrowroot etc) . . . Modernly palatable (cashews/olives etc) . . . Refined foods (salt/sugars etc )
    Legumes (soy/beans/peas etc)

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    Goat Cheese Balls with Herbs, Pecans, & Bacon
    makes 16-20

    6 slices bacon
    4 ounces goat cheese
    4 ounces cream cheese (not whipped)
    2 tablespoons chopped thyme or basil, divided
    Cracked black pepper
    1/4 cup pecans
    Apple slices, to serve

    Cut each piece of bacon in half. Place the bacon in a large skillet without overlapping the slices, and turn the heat on low. Cook on low for about 15 minutes, turning frequently, until the bacon is quite crispy. Remove to a paper towel-lined plate to drain. Pat the slices to remove excess grease.

    While the bacon is cooking, whiz the goat cheese, cream cheese, 1 tablespoon of herbs, and a few turns of cracked black pepper in the food processor. Whiz until creamy and well-mixed, then form small balls, about the size of the tip of your thumb. Insert lollipop sticks. Put in the freezer for 20 minutes to firm up a little more. (Don't let them freeze all the way; just help them firm up. You can also place them in the refrigerator for a longer period of time.)

    Clean out the food processor. Crumble in the cooled bacon, the remaining tablespoon of herbs, and the pecans. Whiz until very fine and crumbly; it should be as fine as your food processor will make it.

    Take the cheese balls out of the freezer and roll them in the bacon mixture, pressing it in with your fingers if it doesn't immediately stick.

    Place the balls in a container on their sides and refrigerate until serving. Serve on full rounds of sliced apple. These are delicious eaten together with apple; take a bite of one and then of the other.

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    I love cooking 3 lbs of bacon and having it cold in the fridge. Sometimes ill spread almond butter on cold bacon. MMMMMMMM

    Ive got an idea for a primal candy bar ill make for a special occasion. 2 pieces of bacon spread with almond butter and shredded coconut, dip the whole thing in dark chocolate BAM mouthgasm.

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    That candy bar idea is pushin the imagination! let me know how that turns out!

    Fruit (sweet tasting) and bacon seems weird anyone know of recipes that work?

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