Has anyone tried this? Our town is having a fair this week and I've already made a couple of treats for my boys. I know there's a ton of yummy smelling greasy food but we're not currently eating starch in any form or sugar except raw honey. That leaves.... meat, haha. So I wanted to make them some cheeseburgers and try to fry up some butternut squash as a treat. I don't have a fresh one unfortunately, but I have a bag of frozen b-nut cubes....

Do you think I could toss the (thawed) cubes in egg, then in almond flour, and fry the heck out of them in my skillet? Would they turn into little tater tot things?

My kids didn't grow up on french fries and we haven't had potatoes in months, so they'd probably be happy with cheeseburgers and carrot sticks, with the honey caramel chews I made for a candy. But..... something in me is screaming "bad mom!" if I take them to the fair and haven't made them "fair food". Stupid, I know.

Please comment if you've tried frying pre-frozen squash, and if it worked or not!