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We're doing SCD/GAPS. The premise is that the only allowable foods, while extremely versatile, are comprised of monosaccharides. Therefore there's little-to-no special digestive enzymes needed to break down the sugars (think disaccharides like lactose or worse, starches). We had some GI problems over the winter/spring that would not resolve; which led me to Primal on crack. It's like a strict paleo but no cheats... none... not even whole-food potatoes or corn or any remnant of these in what shelf-stable items I do buy. It's only for a time (maybe 2-3 years?) but it's crazy easy on the digestion and so there's not a ton of undigested food passing through to feed unfriendly bacteria. (I was diagnosed with campylobacter infection; no idea if my boys had it too but their diarrhea cleared up as soon as we went Primal). Anyway. That's why I can't have my sweet potatoes right now. ~wistful sigh~ Squashes are as carb-y as we can go! Eat a tuber for me, eh? I'm jealous of you all who can do the carb refeeds
Potatoes are not cheats. Tubers are more "primal" than ruminant meat. Could you imagine man 100,000 years ago trying to take down a buffalo? Ancient man was probably far more likely to eat small game like rodents, insects and tubers than bison, elk, bear and other animals that were big and scary.

IMO, butternut squash is much more difficult to digest than sweet potatoes. Pumpkin and coconut flour are particularly difficult due to the fiber content. Are you sure that your GI issues aren't just from a lifetime of grains punching holes in your intestines? It may just take years to repair your gut.

What seems to make things easier to digest for me is to pair things with Greek yogurt. Mixing Greek yogurt and canned pumpkin is a much more pleasant experience than just eating pumpkin. Greek yogurt is pretty much lactose free as the bacteria convert it to lactic acid.