I had a 7-day Primal "experiment" and that went so well that I just started a 30-day experiment yesterday. The only area in which I am concerned is how to fuel my road cycling and mountain biking. I've a 75 mile ride planned in 31 days, and I've no idea how to fuel for the bike that doesn't include a LOT of carbs during and after the ride. "Pre-loading" never worked for me, fueling on the bike and recovery protein/carbs took care of it.

I don't want to go all the way for this 30 day trial and just toss it all out of the window for a day's bike ride. I need to start experimenting now with fuel options as I ramp my riding up toward the event so I won't have any problems as I don't believe in doing anything new on even. Obviously my body isn't a "fat-burning beastess" just yet, so would appreciate any suggestions. My group trainer at the gym has already suggested a book "Slow Burn" by a marathon runner, any other suggestions?

For the cyclists here, how did you transition over to using protien/fat for bike fuel rather than carbs - if you did. I know some have chosen not to go there.