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Thread: 75 mile ride in 31 days and just went Primal yesterday...

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    Try Infinit Nutrition. You make a custom formula in a flavor profile that is to your liking. On a recent 68 mile ride, I had two bottles of infinit with a banana and a larabar for breakfast, and I felt great! It is a pricier option, but totally worth it.

    Infinit Nutrition | Custom Sports Nutrition Solutions | USA

    On a ride, try mini Larabars or Bonk Breakers

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    I haven't done any long bike rides like that but I've done plenty of backpack trips and all-day adventure hikes, which have similar exertion levels and duration. I find if you are fat-adapted you need very little fuel during this kind of activity. I've used pemmican, but also I've used beef jerky, nuts and I once made melted dark chocolate mixed with coconut butter and macadamia nuts that were poured into muffin papers. Those got a little melty but were fairly tasty. A higher carb option I've enjoyed has been dates with cheese, but that was more of a treat than a necessity. I really don't need to eat a whole lot differently when I hike, and in fact, I seem to be able to get away with a little less food than normal.
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