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Thread: PBF low level physical activity at work count?

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    PBF low level physical activity at work count?

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    So on my journey towards Health and a state of unfatness I've decided to forego my normal structured weight and cardio in favor of a PBF style workout scheme. Ive searched but can't seem to find an answer if low level activity at work, walking and so forth counts towards my weekly totals? Or is the weekly total of low level activity ndependent of things I do through the normal course of my day?

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    I say it counts as moving slowly. As long as you include some heavy lifting and sprint type work you'll be well on the way!

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    I find myself taking the long way around, using stairs exclusively, parking further away, and doing pushups/pullups/squats whenever I can at work. I look at all this stuff as 'normal life' and don't really count it as 'exercise'. My exercise is centered around structured bodyweight sets, sprints, and walking 3-5 miles a day at least 5 days a week.

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    I try to have several dedicated workouts each week, but when I am at work, I try to sneek in some exercise as well. Yes I count it! Every time I have to go past the stock room door, I try to make time to do some pushups, dips, pullups, or any other exercise I can do in a few minutes or less(don't want to draw attention to why am missing). I find some days I can get in a hundred or more pushups, pull ups, or dips over the course of the day.

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