This is really just for me to track my progress and to jot down my thoughts, but if you would like to comment or make suggestions related to improving food choices or other aspects please feel free to do so. The only thing I ask is that any comments be respectful to all those who posts within my thread.

I would be considered obese and have been overweight most of my life, at least since my teens. I have always been very active even with the extra weight, until the past 5 years. I changed careers and now sit behind a desk all day, and this has taken a toll on my health and activity level. In the past couple of years my health has declined, due to back issues, painful joints, and sleepless nights.

I began this journey on 10 August 2012. after the first 3 days there were dramatic changes. I no longer had any joint pain, and I was sleeping better. A definite improvement. Still have back pain, but I do not expect that to change, other than maybe less pain as I loose weight.

Today, I am 10 days into my journey and I can say that I do feel better. I have little to no joint pain. Over the past few years, It was common for me to take 2 to 3 ibuprofen every morning and sometime another dose in the afternoon. I have only take 2 ibuprofen in the past 10 days, due to a headache.

I have not been hungry for the most part, except one day when I went much too long between meals, however, I did not eat anything unacceptable. I was able to hold off until I could cook something primal. That is definitely a big change! Normally, when I get to the point where I am so hungry I want to chew my own arm off I would eat anything in sight! Now I seem to be able to control myself, but I try not to put myself in that situation.

Before starting this journey, I was trying to eat fairly healthy, whole wheat, low carb and restrictive calories. All the while I felt like I was starving myself. Every couple of hours I was hungry, even though, I was eating 5 or 6 small meals a day. I got so tired of eating! I also thought about food all the time. I was also gaining weight or not loosing weight. Much of that has changed now; I do not obsess about food and I don't eat every few hours.

Over the passed 10 days, I have eaten chicken, hamburger, beef steak, eggs, turkey, smoked salmon, and bacon. My vegetables have Included: asparagus, lots of sautéed spinach, mushrooms, onions, avocados, bell pepper, and broccoli. I have also eaten cantaloupe, cherries, watermelon, blueberries, and bananas. I drink only water, which is something I was doing prior to changing my eating habits; I found it helped with the joint pain. I don't really care for salads, although I like most vegetables, so salads are not a big part of my meal plan. So far I have only used olive oil and bacon grease for oils.

I realize there is room for much improvement in my diet, but I will make those changes as I can. I will add some exercise in the future too.

I am still reading and trying to absorb all of the information and data available. I find it a bit overwhelming, but it is slowly sinking in. All of this goes against the stream of current wisdom, but the proof is in the positive changes I have experienced in such a short time.

I feel better and have little or no joint pain. In 10 days my weight has dropped 8.5 lbs, even though, I have eaten like a fieldhand! Not really, but compared to the quantity I was eating prior, it feels like it. I eat until I am satisfied but not stuffed. I haven't weighed food, counted calories, or restricted intake when hungry. I try not eat on any schedule based on the time of day. I eat when I am hungry, and I find that I can go much longer in between eating. I know there have been times that I have not eaten enough carbs, because I have had ketosis breath, but I am working on doing better.

As an example: for breakfast today I ate a couple of scrambled whole eggs cooked in bacon grease with maybe a cup of cantaloupe. For lunch I had a smoked turkey leg (I smoked it), sautéed asparagus and about a cup of watermelon. For dinner I had about 6 oz. grilled ribeye steak, sautéed spinach, mushrooms, onion, and red bell peppers. About 3:30 in the afternoon I had a banana. Again, I only drink water, so had water with each meal and throughout the day.

I still don't feel like doing a whole lot, outside of work and normal household stuff, but I'm hoping that will improve with time. I'm hoping as some of the weight comes off, I will be inclined to do more, however, some of this may be symptoms of menopause. I just have no energy.

My co-workers have noticed the change in my diet. They are telling me I'm eating too much fat, red meat, and etc. they are spouting the current wisdom monolog. I haven't had a whole lot to say, so far, because I'm not at a place, knowledge wise, that I'm comfortable defending the changes I have made. I get the basics, but need a bit more ammunition before I take aim and fire!

Take care,