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Thread: Glass Jars

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    Glass Jars

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    I heard that mason jars have BPA on their lids.

    Which is the best glass, BPA-free, jar for food storage?

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    BPA free canning jar lids

    TATTLER Reusable Canning Lids

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    As long as your food isn't touching the lid, BPA isn't getting into your food.
    There are also Wreck Jars, which are all glass. They are expensive and can be a pain to use.

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    You can also buy plastic reusable lids if you are just storing or freezing in mason jars.

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    Don't forget that even BPA free plastics have a different chemical composition. Just because we don't know what the effects are yet, doesn't mean there won't be any. I know we can't eliminate all plastic from contact with food, but it's a good idea to be conscious of it and avoid it as much as possible. Least that is my opinion... and yes, the food doesn't come in contact with the lids when canning...
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