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Thread: Indoor/Apartment Cooking

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    May I recommend the Romertopf? It's a very low tech form of slow cooker. I love crock pots, slow cookers, etc., but when I got outta dodge in a very small car, I took my small Romertopf. romertopf: Home & Kitchen

    Used correctly, it turns just about any meat into something wonderful. If you like the whole over flames taste, this won't work for you, but I love it.

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    I just open the window ...

    I have an extractor fan over the hob, but it recirculates into the room. Genius. Window open. Put up with the cold! You've got some meat on its way.

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    I usually open a couple of windows to get air flowing so that when I cook bacon and other aromatic foods, the aroma can go outside and tempt my neighbors. I honestly never really burn anything to the point of smoking or setting off fire alarms. I just keep my range's fan on high to disperse any smoking that may happen; however, I love when my apartment smells of bacon, burgers, or curry, so it doesn't really bother me.

    I do recommend a crock pot though. It's fantastic for chili, braising all sorts of meat, stews, soups, and even layered dishes like eggplant lasagna. It can still make your apartment smell [like delicious food!] but the odds of burning something enough to result in setting off a smoke detector is pretty slim.
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    May i recommend a George forman grill? Makes a decent steak/fish/burgers and even catches all the fat for you to poor some back on or into a grease jar in your fridge.

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