So I established with my new doctor today. He's the first doctor I've ever had (excluding my pediatrician way back when). I was pretty excited for this because it'd be my first time ever getting bloodwork done. Here's my cholesterol report:

Total - 192
HDL - 98
LDL - 89

Trigs - 22

Oh, and fasting blood glucose - 74 mg/dL

Pretty psyched! That's what eating a basically primal diet for the last 5-6 years has gotten me.

Unfortunately I only had a basic metabolic panel done. I just let my doctor decide what to order, and since I had no health issues to report (and nothing observably wrong) he kept it pretty minimal. Next time just to satisfy my curiosity I'll ask for a cRP, A1c, and maybe some endocrine markers (thyroid, test, etc), but whatever, I'm happy with what I'm seeing.

So yeah, 2 dozen eggs a week, fatty red meat, butter, dark chocolate... apparently this stuff isn't doing me in!


Anyway, that said, one thing that I wouldn't mind some forum input on is my fasting triglyceride level. I expected it to be low, but not that low. Anyone have thoughts on this? I never looked into it, but I assume there must be a point where trigs can be considered too low. If so, what might be that level? I'm certainly not concerned -- I feel great and appear healthy by every conceivable standard, but considering how much fat I eat I assumed by trigs would be up around 50 or so at least. 22 is quite a bit lower than I expected.