I started Primal 4 weeks ago. I've been exercising regularly but still packed on some chub (207lb 6' 2"). Since following the PBF and PBD, I've seen (200lbs) & heard results. I went to a wedding a week ago and everyone said how skinny I looked. At first I was worried that I was too skinny or this was a bad thing, but I decided there is no such thing . Just today the president of my company said I look really healthy lately. We make fitness equipment, so everyone here is pretty big into working out. So I took that as a big compliment. Not only do I look better, but I feel better. When the president told me how healthy I looked, my frist response (after thanks ) was that I feel healthy too!

This is not a diet I'm "on". I've changed my diet. Adjusting my workouts to fit PDF. I still shy away from fruit and feel like I'm cheating even when I have some watermelon or a peach.

My weight is plateauing around 200lbs, but my muscles are growing and getting ripped. Tons of energy and my ambition to life has come back.

Seems like what I was missing the most was my diet...thanks, Mark, for this "formula" and opening up my eyes. Even my wife is Primal now.