Hi all,

I'm currently following a reasonably low carb diet for most meals; I usually have some blueberries or blackberries in the full fat yoghurt I have each morning and some veggies as well (not in the yoghurt ). The exception to this is after workouts when I'm reducing fat and upping the carbs (white rice or sweet potatoes mostly). These carb meals were a response to the reasonable levels of exercise I do and the requirement for greater muscle mass and energy levels (for rugby):

Cycle to work each day - only a flat 4 miles each way at present, but soon to be 9 miles with a single modest hill
Heavy Weights 3 times a week
Rugby training 1.5 hrs 1 or 2 times a week
Rugby match each Saturday

However, I'm concerned that these carb heavy, post workout, meals might diminish my ability to become more efficient at burning fat i.e. fat adaptation.

Just wondering what people thought.

Note: Fat burning efficiency (as a fuel source) is more important to me than the muscle mass, if the two aims are at odds.