So far I'm a month into Primal, without really any tangible physical results. (body fat, measurements, etc.)
My IBS is much-MUCH improved. It's amazing to me that my stomach doesn't hurt all the time anymore.

But since I have no progress, I got a hormone panel done. Thyroid is normal. Testosterone is below average (409) for a 31 year old dude, but it's in the normal range.

Right now, I just want to blow away the pounds. Once I'm reasonable, I'll start trying to build muscle again.

I was going to do 4 weeks of PSMF as described by Lyle McDonald.
My hesitation is the EXTREMELY LOW amount of fat.

My goals are: 240 protein, 20 fat, 20 carb. Not sure how I can do this. I love fat. Fat is the best. Pour bacon grease in the kool-aid, I'll quaff it viking style.

I want to keep my current Primal macronutrient ratios. That's: 10% carbs, 50% fat, 40% protein. Do you think this will be OK with PSMF? That puts me at only 125g of protein.

I will continue to walk, lift heavy things, and go hard once per week.