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Thread: What are your triggers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by solstice View Post
    I do like afternoon tea, and yes, lately it's been caffeinated---Numi's Gunpowder Green Tea (I'm in love). I could see that maybe it's associated with a pick me up. But if I have tea with breakfast, then all of a sudden my bacon and eggs needs something sweet to follow it (so really tea just equals sweet treats for me). I dont put any sweetener in my tea---dont really want to go there and start though. I have thought about just dropping tea altogether. I wonder if sipping hot water would have the same effect?

    As for treats---my kiddos are both gluten and dairy free---and I am an AMAZING baker of all things GF. I dont always have something sweet like that in the house, but lately it's been around more than it hasnt been. Hoping with back-to-school time I can get back on track!

    I'm hungry right now--and have at least 2+ hours until dinner and am thinking I might opt for a small glass of grapefruit juice---not sure if this is better or worse, but I guess I'll find out!
    How about decaffeinating yourself and then see if you have the same reaction? I know a lot of people can handle caffeine fine but I also know (from another thread) that you have had seizures. Those of us whose brains are susceptible to seizures also tend to be very sensitive to caffeine according to more than one neurologist I've had.

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    One bite I go to town on the stuff. Grapes are particularly bad for this.

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    For me, if something's a trigger, the only way to tame it is to not have that item within a mile of my house. Fortunately I have not had that problem with tea. So yeah, maybe if you know it's a trigger, either try not drinking it, or maybe try drinking it at a different time of day when you're less likely to crave treats with it?

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    This may seem trite (don't want to be trite), but lose the trigger. In other words, nix the tea and change to sometime new like a glass of fresh, sparkling, clean, hydrating water
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    My triggers? Eating.

    Okay maybe not really that bad, but if I kept any bad stuff in the house, I would be doomed probably. So I don't keep it, I don't bake it, I don't buy it. I try not to go out to eat. I measure my portions first, and when it is gone, I am done.

    There are times though, when I feel like I need something to be satisfied. Sometimes I just want something crunchy. But usually nut butter w/apple or banana does it for me. Like walla go, I had 1/2 cup yogurt w/1 TBL nut butter, half banana, and a serving size of dark chocolate chips gave me my crunch. I am happy now.
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    Nuts for me too. Cashews specially. And I realized I go crazy for gluten-free cake, that I bought trying to give my family a not-so-horrible treat, but ended up eating half of it the last two times I bought it. I swear I don't know what the heck that cakes has. Good thing is so pricy.

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    yes I think the caffeine does need to go. I had a few nuts and some grapefruit juice and was fine---although I did also power nap for 20 minutes. So far I am caffeine free today---one day and counting!

    Water is usually the only other drink I consume.

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    I joke with my room mate about being on the "Ice Cream Diet."

    Once or twice a month she and a friend of ours make an ice cream run on movie night. I always try to resist, but seldom manage it. I end up getting a scoop or two of mint chocolate chip ice cream. It's REALLY hard for me to turn down ice cream when everybody else is having some.

    Weirdly, I usually drop a pound or two the next day. But since this is always on the weekend, I'm pretty sure it's because I'm sleeping until I wake up for two days in a row, NOT because of the mystical weight loss properties of ice cream.

    So basically my triggers are social ones. On my own, I don't tend to slip very often. Unless it's watermelon-related. With watermelon, I absolutely cannot be trusted.

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    I love a hot mug in the morning. I gave up my coffee with milk and switched to green tea which has less of a caffeine effect in me. You were already drinking green tea ... if you want to give up the caffeine but still want a nice warm mug in the morning why not try some herbal tea (chamomile, lemon, mint, etc.)? I read that green tea contains the amino acid L-Theanine which calms the nervous system so might mitigate the effects of caffeine. For myself I find that green tea is much less stimulating. I could nap after a mug of green tea but could never do that with coffee.

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    on days i am sleep-deprived i definitely have trouble controlling impulse-eating. it's a battle royale all day. do you sleep well?

    lol, or maybe just nap instead of having tea and treats.
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