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    BTW, does anyone here get the Relentless Roger and the Cave Doctor podcast? For Britons there's an interesting story in the latest episode.

    I only found out about this podcast yesterday. What interested me in this episode was the long story a guest tells about a sportsman. Now he just says "a former professional soccer player" and says he's called "Chris" and is "33" and that's all you know. As a Briton you can't help wondering if this is a former player from the Premier League.

    So the guest was training this guy. He's gone to pot since retiring. Overweight, slack muscles, can't do even a single pull-up. Relentless Roger's guest puts him through a program for which he must have paid through the nose. He's told to eat Paleo, although the name's not used; he's slowly brought up to the point where he can do progressive resistance training and sprints. And he undergoes a transformation. His gut shrinks. His shirts are baggy round the waist but tight on the shoulders. He looks, feels, and performs better. After 6 weeks, he loses two pounds of fat and puts on 5 pounds of muscle. And he's shown the figures because Roger's friend has a DEXA scan machine that does all this, since he thinks scale-weight is misleading.

    But Chris starts panicking, because he's not losing weight. After paying for the advice and help, he starts tweaking things himself. He cuts his fat, because in our society everyone knows you have do that ... He also chops some carbs out, despite his work-load. He starts adding in a load of "chronic cardio" in the days in between the guided gym-work. After another 6 weeks, he has lost weight and is pleased by that -- but he looks like death and his athletic performance has gone down. So they put him on this DEXA machine, and it turns out that he's lost another 2 pounds of fat but he's also lost 7 (seven) pounds of muscle. He's now got less muscle-mass than he came into the programme with. At this point, and not until this point, Chris twigs what the DEXA machine is telling him, gets that scale-weight doesn't mean everything, and realizes that a "Biggest Loser" strategy of low-fat diets and as much chronic-cardio as you can fit in just don't work.

    One shouldn't be curious, but I couldn't help wondering if the man was actually someone we would all know.

    Podcast 14: AHS Takeaways and Keith Norris Interview - Caveman Doctor : Caveman Doctor

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    Hello from Shropshire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Conway View Post
    Hi Mark. Never tried a 36 hr fast. will have to work up to that. I usually just skip one or two meals with water/green tea/black coffee to keep me going.
    60 hours is my longest during Revision for my Final year University Exams. You will reach a stage where you don't get hungry (it must be Ketosis) Your Stomach is empty but it has stopped rumbling because being empty is fine, in fact it is nice. You will have quite a constant level of energy, you feel relaxed and rested but also slightly focused. You begin to appreciate comfort in seats or materials, you senses begin to heighten (don't walk past a restaurant) and you have an almost euphoric feeling. it is a really good time to listen to music or take in some scenery or even let light rain hit your face. it makes sense that our senses heighten in a fast so we become more efficient at catching our next meal, but if we take this away from food we really can enjoy things on a much greater level.

    it is becomes very enjoyable.

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    Hello, and welcome, from Devon.

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