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Thread: Hello from West Yorkshire, UK.

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    Hello from Shropshire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Conway View Post
    Hi Mark. Never tried a 36 hr fast. will have to work up to that. I usually just skip one or two meals with water/green tea/black coffee to keep me going.
    60 hours is my longest during Revision for my Final year University Exams. You will reach a stage where you don't get hungry (it must be Ketosis) Your Stomach is empty but it has stopped rumbling because being empty is fine, in fact it is nice. You will have quite a constant level of energy, you feel relaxed and rested but also slightly focused. You begin to appreciate comfort in seats or materials, you senses begin to heighten (don't walk past a restaurant) and you have an almost euphoric feeling. it is a really good time to listen to music or take in some scenery or even let light rain hit your face. it makes sense that our senses heighten in a fast so we become more efficient at catching our next meal, but if we take this away from food we really can enjoy things on a much greater level.

    it is becomes very enjoyable.

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    Hello, and welcome, from Devon.

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