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Thread: The Look Great/Feel Amazing Journey of Grokalicious!

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    The Look Great/Feel Amazing Journey of Grokalicious!

    I joined this website two years ago, bought the book and walked the walk for a short while. Little by little, most of the tenets of primal living fell away from me. And, here I am again on day 3.

    I've always worked out, never was into chronic cardio, always a heavy lifter (full body, periodized workouts). Love HIIT, adore hikes. My whole life has been a conscious effort to live the axiom "garbage in, garbage out" but earlier this year I fell prey to over zealous refeeds doing Keto diets and, more recently, Eat Stop Eat.

    I am 54 years old, do not look (or act!!!) my age. I'm pretty fit for an older broad and, aside from wanting to feel and look as awesome as possible, I would like to do 5 unassisted pull-ups and up my unassisted dips from 7-10. All of this before the end of the year.

    Even without eating primally over the first half of this year, I still avoided wheat/gluten like the plague. Until a month ago when I started allowing little treats. Really? Not so much of a treat when you noticed my wheat belly! Plus, I felt sloggy and wanting more, more, more. Who knew that cinnamon crunch cereal from WF would be my downfall?

    Anyway, I was cleaning out my bookmarks on my computer and found this website again. And lo and behold, I also found Mark's book nestled against my bed stand! Today is day 3 and I feel great aside from the incessant peeing!
    Am down 1.4 lbs (likely all water) but psyched up! Aiming for high fat (from sat fat and good fats like avocado) and super low carbs for first 2 weeks (30 or less). After that I'll bump it up as needed.

    I am 5'4", small boned and weigh 138.4. Extra weight really shows on me, although my friends think I'm "fine." Aside from feeling great, and my goals of unassisted pull-ups and dips, I have no clue what I should weigh. Time will tell. Catherine Deneuve once said that after the age of 40 women had to choose between a great as* and a great face as we look gaunt when too thin when older.

    I leave for a business trip to wine country in the morning which will be interesting as I am in the wine biz and wining and dining a major part of it. I say, no prob. And I say, watch out world!

    Comments and support are most welcome! Oh, I do have a question, if any of you can answer. I am tracking my food on Paleotrack (which is awesome, by the way) and I am only at 900 calories for the day. Just not hungry and wonder how big a deal that is, or isn't.
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